Penis Traction Device

Penis Traction Device

Penis Traction Device for Permanent Enlargement!

Since the traction device method of penile enlargement is increasingly more popular lately, many men think this is a new, and unproven concept.

The fact is however, traction methods already exist for hundreds of years with their origins in early civilizations and traditions, and are even used in medicine for decades in reconstructing tissue in patients. The concept itself is well documented and has a great track record of remarkable results.

Almost every man would like to have bigger penis, even when the size is quite satisfying. Yet, some men really have small organ, they others have normal size but still, they don’t feel confident or pleased with their size. Many men may turn to extreme measures to achieve enhancement in size.

Sadly, while some of measures really work, many are simply non-effective, while some are even dangerous. Many products marketed for penile enlargement are pure scams and should be ignored completely.

And while surgical treatment might seem as a good choice, that’s not necessarily an ideal remedy like some people may think. Actually plastic surgeons say that treatment can be quite unpleasant, dangerous, and the results are not always permanent.

Penis traction device (penis extender or stretcher) uses traction to enlarge your penile tissues. Mild but constant force is used to expand the penile tissues. Traction relies upon the medical concept that if stretching pressure is placed on a body part over a continued time, the cells in that region split and increase in numbers.

penis traction

Gentle force stimulates the body’s natural reaction of developing more tissue to relieve the pressure, i.e. if you stretch soft tissue it answers by developing new tissue. The treatment is accepted by medical community, clinically confirmed and completely safe.

Penis Traction Device is Proven To Work

There are many scientific studies released between 2000 and 2015 which confirm the effectiveness of penis extenders. A well known scientific study, the results of which were published in the British Journal of Urology in 2009, confirmed that the prolonged use of penis extenders resulted in visible length and girth gains. In this particular study, a penis traction device was used by the men for 5-6 hours daily for a period of half year. The results have been good without any side effect.

Not only the enlargement, such devices are also helpful when it comes to Peyronie’s disease and it is also confirmed by the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008.

Penis Traction DeviceModern penis traction devices such as the one provided by SizeGenetics™ use traction by applying adaptable, calibrated rods which attach an anatomically shaped base that is placed perfectly at the basis of the penis to a medical-grade strap around the glans. While your penis grows, the force and distance could be modified.

Such devices have effectively helped thousands of men around the world. Men who suffered from micro or small penis and Peyronie’s disease have all discovered the penis traction devices to be their best choice among all others.

With a proven history, scientific and clinical backing and made from medical grade materials, penis traction device is the best option for penis enlargement.

The final conclusion is that traction devices do work. Research studies and many medical purposes of the traction device confirm substantial growth can happen in both length and girth.

Remember however, such products are not a quick fix. The unit should be used correctly and over a period of 4 to 6 months to provide the body enough time to create new tissue. Devices that promise immediate gains or enormous enlargements are not realistic and deceiving, and most likely, dangerous.

Definitely, people who are thinking about increasing penis size also need to be aware of their health and safety. The selection of a medically manufactured penis traction device is strongly recommended, and adherence to directions is extremely important.

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