Penis Size

Penis Size

For ages, men over the world have been preoccupied with penis size. Though the big majority of men have more than enough of equipment to do great as lovers, you can find a great male fixation that more inches will be better.

At the end, it really depends of your perception about your dimensions. If you believe that your penis size is too small, then it is small. If you have impression it is big, then it is really big.

The Average Measures

Flaccid organ most often measures 3-4 inches (8.5-10.5 cm) from tip to base. The average penis size is about 3.75 inches (9.5 cm).

In erected state for healthy males in the USA is around 6-7 inches (15-18 cm), with the average penis size around 6.5 inches (16.5 cm).

does penis size matter

Before you reach for the ruler, you should that most experts are skeptical about the whole thing of average penis size. Most experts, therapists and doctors suspect the average figures from studies are at least an inch larger than they are in reality. This is because in such tests usually participate men that are happy with their dimensions.

Does Penis Size Matter?

The fact is that penis size is in reality more significant to men than women. When polled, the most of women were happy with their lover’s size. The strangest point is that the majority of problems were actually noted by women where the partner had an exceptionally big penis size.

The figures say that dimensions are bigger matter to men than women; yet, a lot of women are starting to admit their mental fascination with larger penises.

People that have problems with their penis size are often not as confident as the other men. Someone could be reputable in business, or nice parent, but still not be happy with his life.

The majority of women for sure, are annoyed by men who don’t have much confidence. This can in truth be why men fear women are concerned with size, when generally it has nothing to do with that at all.

However, a new study discovers that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely than other women to say they climax more easily with men with bigger penises. Women who more like penile-vaginal intercourse over other types of sex also say the same, researchers reported in The Journal of Sexual Medicine 1.

Different Shape

Different organs may varies in size and shape. Most men have bit curved shape because of normal anatomy, so it is not something abnormal. The shape may become a problem if it prevents your sexual intercourse.

In case there is a severe curve in the shape of the penile, where you can feel something hard beneath the skin, even when it is not in the erect state, is a condition known as Peyronies. It may be hereditary or because of trauma, usually in the time of very aggressive intercourse, or injury.

The hardness that is found is because of fibrosis and it is actually a scar. It affects the elasticity of the support tissue and causes the penis to get bent on erection. For this reason erection and sexual intercourse may be painful and in such cases men need to have an adequate treatment.

How Can You Increase Penis Size?

Now, what would you do to solve this problem? How can you permanently increase size? If you are truly concerned that your male organ is small, you could test various enhancement and enlargement procedures.

SizeGenetics Extender

We would recommend only proven, efficient and safe methods and from our knowledge the best effects are obtained with the use of extenders. Products such as Sizegenetics extender, promote cell duplication in the penile. During the time, this creates gains in the dimensions, both in length and girth. Enlargement of your penis size may give you the boost of confidence you want.

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