Penis Girth

Penis Girth

What is the average penis girth?

Why is penis girth important and why should man worry about this dimension? Penis girth is practically how wide your organ is and in medical terminology, it is the measurement of the circumference of the completely erect penis. It is variously given as an average of 3 measuring spots: right beneath the glans, in the middle of the shaft, and at the base.

The average length is 5.5-6.5 inches and the average penis girth (circumference) is 4-5 inches, but not forget that circumference measurement is made up by adding all three measuring spots together.

Is Girth so Important?

How many times have you witnessed women claim that penis girth and length doesn’t matter? It is a fact that the length of penis isn’t much important to majority of women, but when it comes to width it is completely different.

As suggested by many sexologists, it is the penis girth that matters in the end. It provides strength and consistence to the whole organ. When enters vagina, it expands vaginal wall, stimulating the nerves, this is what makes women enjoy.

How To Increase Penis GirthThe reason is that the great number of the nerves that are stimulated during penetration are set near the entrance of the vagina (and anus too).

A wider organ puts more pressure on the nerves, which gives an enjoyable feeling of fullness at the entrance of the vagina.

In a mini survey finished in 2000, Russell Eisenman of the University of Texas-Pan American, found that 45 out of 50 women tested declared that girth was important in sexual satisfaction.

It was concluded that this is caused as a result of the higher surface area of the male organ which fills out the vaginal walls much better.

People can discover penile girth by measuring at the mid-segment when it is entirely erect.

When it achieves the greatest thickness, place the tape measure around the organ making sure not to pull too tight.

It is important to be informed how to measure penis girth the right way before you start increasing both the length and girth of your organ.

How to Increase Penis Girth?

One option is an enlargement surgery. Fat from the lower abdominal wall is taken out by liposuction and injected beneath the loose skin of the shaft to make an illusion of thickening. Anyway, by the time, the injected fat which is without blood supply slowly die, and cause the organ to return to its previous size.

Yet, enlargement surgery is not recommended by the American urological association 1, at most because the procedures used in such surgeries have not been shown to be 100% without risks and efficient.

In fact, this enlargement surgery can make you more harm than benefit regarding problems that arise from them. Erectile dysfunction, fibrous nodules and a cosmetically disfigured, lumpy penile contour may all occur.

SizeGenetics DeviceThis is why we recommend you to use enlargement devices. But not all penis extenders can give you satisfying and safe results.

SizeGenetics is the best penis extender that we can confidently recommend as we know the device is made 100% from medical grade components and is therefore safe and effective.

This device has a unique 58 way comfort system that offers increased safety and better user experience than any other stretcher in the market.

The medical community also agrees SizeGenetics is the most complete extending device available on the market.

Independent clinical tests have exposed that SizeGenetics provides permanent enlargement in both length (3 inches) and girth (1 inch).

Finally, penis girth can greatly vary depending on a large number of factors and it is a very personal issue. Many men are greatly content with their dimensions and do not think twice about how it measures up to other men.

But, there is also a big group of men who are extremely self-conscious about the size, sometimes they are especially frustrated with the penis girth and it is important to understand them too.

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