Penis Fracture

Penis Fracture

Penis fracture happens when an abnormal force is used to the sexual organ in erection. It is not so often condition, but it is very severe and is seen as a therapeutic emergency. It is a serious type of curving injury that strikes when a membrane named the Tunica Albuginea ruptures.

That membrane encloses the corpora cavernosa (see anatomy article), specialized erectile tissue in the middle of the penis that fills up with blood in the time of an erection.

When the tunica albuginea ruptures, the blood that is naturally captured in this zone leaks out into neighboring tissues and man can experience bruising and swelling. A penis fracture is also known as a broken penis.

Causes of Penis Fracture

Intercourse in inappropriate position. The most frequent cause of penile fracture is coitus with the woman above or the male who wants to to come in from behind. The erected organ will be bent. The aggressive impact that causes a penile fracture usually occurs during heightened sexual activity. The initial immediate pain may be from mild to severe, depending on many variables, yet sufficient to tear the tunica when it is stretched tight during an erection.

penis fracture pictureHanging weights. One of some the most serious health risks related to hanging weights to your organ is that the tension can become too much, and can practically lead to serious penile fracture.

Additionally, weight hanging may also lead to an injury of the ligaments that in fact support the structure of your organ.

On top of that, if the weight is big, it can as well result in the organ becoming narrower. Therefore, although it is larger, it will get to be narrower. Keep in mind, for majority of women, your girth is more relevant than the length.

About 50% of men who experience such an injury will self-heal and repair the problem with the tunica albuginea without developing Peyronie’s disease. The other 50% of cases will not heal, and it will gradually worsen and Peyronie’s disease will develop.

Signs of Penile Fracture

Typical signs and symptoms of penis fracture involve: swelling, bruising, very strong pain, curved penis, inability to urinate or difficulty urinating, immediate loss of erection and inability to get an erection.

Bleeding from the urethra can occur if the urethra is impaired. Some men literally hear a cracking sound when the fracture happens.

But there are men who don’t even realize when it happens because in some cases the tissues are just slightly injured and there is no much swelling or pain. And if left untreated men can end up damaging their sexual organ so badly that they can develop erectile dysfunction or even damage the urethra.

Because of that, the most important thing about this condition is early diagnosis and treatment. So, if you even suppose you have just fractured your penis, go to your doctor or an emergency room without delay.

Therapy of Penis Fracture

Therapy of penile fracture requires an urgent visit to the medical professional or clinic. Ice packs, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory medications will be prescribed. This therapy has good results in maybe 65% of affected individuals but in the rest, residual pain and organ deformity can cause difficulty with sexual activity.

In these conditions, surgery is the probable intervention. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision and reconnect the ripped tissue with stitches. Most men are released after the recovery room period.

Recovery takes around 4-6 weeks after the incision repairs to return to standard sexual function. The recovery period may be painful for the first 7-10 days, so during this time, anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers are used.

One research of a group of 17 interventions showed that after surgery all subjects had pain-free erections and satisfactory sexual intercourse; only 2 subjects with penis fracture were left with Peyronie’s Disease.

At the end, it is worthwhile to remember that if left untreated, it can make you a lot of problems like a curvature with an inability to get or maintain an erection, painful erections and higher chance of urinary tract complications.

Penis fracture is a serious condition and if it happens to you you should immediately go to the hospital.

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