Micropenis Condition

Micropenis Condition

Medical condition in which men have penis less than 3 inches (6-7cm) in length during erection it is often called a micropenis syndrome. The margin is not well-defined, so you can find various data about it online. This condition is commonly identified by doctors or parents after birth and according to statistics 1 out of every 200 men is born with a micropenis.

Having this condition may cause several complications, including difficulty urinating and having normal sex. In some cases fertility can also be affected because men with micro penis can have a low sperm count which affects fertility.

Maybe the most important fact is this condition can also have a big impact psychologically. Many men with this medical condition have low self-confidence and also many have developed signs of depression.

What Causes Micropenis Condition?

Researchers believe at the moment that a micro penis is formed during fetal development. Hormonal imbalances in the uterus or genetic imperfections happen and cause the penis to develop less than normal.

Micropenis PicturesBecause male sexual hormone androgen causes the penis to grow, most scientists believe that micropenises are caused by an insufficiency of androgen.

According to medical science, penile development in fetuses has two stages. The first stage is when androgen makes the penis take shape and the scrotum form. The second stage is when androgen effects the growth of the penis in latter fetal development.

It is believed that micropenis syndrome occurs in situation when the first stage happens and the second stage is missing, therefore the penis was developed but did not grow.

There can be many other causes for this medical condition, and for about 30% of all men born with a micropenis syndrome reasons are unknown.

Also, many people believe they have this condition, but they would not fit the clinical diagnosis, so it is best consult your urologist before you make any conclusion.

Common Micropenis Treatments

Since this medical condition is mostly caused by insufficient production of androgen, it is often treated with hormonal therapy. However, this treatment has limited success and the organ almost never increases to an average size.

The most common treatment is surgical procedure. The University College London 1 has lately improved a technique designed to treat a micropenis syndrome. This treatment includes the grafting of skin from the forearm, rolling it, and modeling it as a penis around 5 inches in length. That skin is transplanted onto the existing penile tissue with the purpose of maintaining sensation. Also an expandable prosthesis and artificial urethra is added which allows the patient to urinate and to attain an erection.

This surgical treatment is found to be effective in about half of all cases, although some men had multiple procedures to correct expansion of the prosthesis or infections. There are always risks involved with any surgery so you should talk about these risks with your doctor and decide if it is the right option for you.

Another way to make the micropenis bigger is with the use of penis extenders. But in most cases, since micro penis is so small, natural penis enlargement exercises are the only way to prepare your organ for an extender. Therefore, men should use exercises for several months (or even for a whole year) until they gain the right size to start using traction devices.

The results are promising, but the user has to be determined and have good discipline to complete the whole process. Obviously, it takes some time to achieve visible results and an extender has to be used every day for several hours. Once again determination is the key, if the man does not have this routine regularly, there won’t be expected effects.

However, we advise you not to try solving the problem by yourself. Before you try any micropenis treatment, talk to your urologist and discuss the all possible options.

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