Male Edge Review

Male Edge – Add More Inches And Straighten Your Penis

Male Edge is the product ranked by many men as one of the most useful stretchers. This is an original penis enlargement device that we recommend for people who would like to boost and promote their general penis health, like better ejaculation control, increased penis dimensions, and also to correct a bent penis (Peyronie’s Disease).

  • Male Edge ExtenderSize increase measured by inches
  • Stronger and more durable erections
  • Correct penile curvature
  • Clinically confirmed enhancement technique
  • Simple to put together and adjust
  • Only 65g – the lightest device in the industry
  • High standard construction components
  • 200% Refund Guarantee

How Does Male Edge Extender Work?

The Male Edge is a tested penis stretcher that takes advantage of the body’s biological predisposition for growth. Under the traction force, cells split and increase in numbers and tissue grows, in every direction, length and girth. It is completely reliable, comfortable and safe device.

Pro VersionThe latest clinical study tests show that traction enhances cell splitting because this gentle force prevents an inhibitor in your body which works to stop cell multiplication and growth of the tissues.

With the help of this device traction is used on the penile tissues a prolonged time, making sure the cells in the whole penis are multiplied.

Male Edge extender triggers cell growth contributing to a greater, fuller penis, and is 100% successful – which means it will work for every man and all changes are permanent.

Moreover, it can help enhance blood flow allowing more blood to load the penile cavities for more powerful and longer lasting erections.

Gained 0.9 inch in 2 months!

After first reading about the Male Edge I have to say I was suspicious, because I’ve tried many pills but nothing helped me.

Male Edge ResultsI thought it is just one more scam that isn’t likely to work.

Yet in just a couple of weeks I actually experienced a small progress. I have been using their extra package for 2 months now and can say that it really works.

I have used it for about 300 hours and my penis has gone from 4.8 to 5.7 inches. I’m looking forward for at least one inch more.

Stanley, Orange County, CA

Clinical Trials Prove Its Effectiveness

The clinical tests have confirmed that all people who use MaleEdge and follow the recommended program have accomplished an improvement in penis size.

After collecting data in a blind study, it was revealed that the Male Edge users on an average improved length by 28% and girth by 19% after six months. Such data were calculated on erect penis size, not flaccid size. Although this device improves flaccid size as well, the results are more varied.

Clinically Proven Device

The MaleEdge also has great results in the treatment of penile curvature with a 50% to 90% degree of success.

No other penis enlargement method, operational or mechanical, has accomplished such good results, either in solving the curvature or in size gains.

3 Different Male Edge Packages

Male Edge is a trendy device where users could easily regulate the traction so they can get the best result. The product is very fashionable and features 3 different packages. The traction device is sold in different colors and different selling price is determined by the package of device customers can choose.

The Basic Package ($179) includes the device, instructions on DVD, rubber strap and measurer, ideal for men who would like to experience a penis stretcher for the first time.

The Extra Package ($199) – basic set with an extra rubber strap, protection pad and travel bag.

The Pro Package ($219) – basic set with 3 extra rubber straps, 2 protection pads, cohesive gauze and travel bag. This version offers more comfort extras to help you to use your device more pleasantly. In this way you will get quicker, better results and more convenience.

The product is shipped in simple, unbranded boxes with no mention of the items contained in the package.

The developers of this stretcher have got so much belief in their device that they went to the level of providing a Double Money Back Refund. This means if the product doesn’t make your penis bigger, you will be paid double the money you paid for it.

Reasons to buy Male Edge extender

In conclusion, this Male Edge review has confirmed, just like many other reviews you can read online, that this product is one of the best extender devices available. Not only it offers permanent gains, but it is also clinically proven and completely safe.

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