How To Use Penis Extenders

How To Use Penis Extenders

Are you searching for tips about how to use penis extenders? Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you to get maximum effects from your enlargement device.

The following simple instruction and safety suggestions will assist you make your enlargement unit experience more pleasant, convenient and without risks.

How to use penis extenders – the correct way

If you have decided to take advantage from penis extenders, it might be sensible to find out how to use them correctly to experience maximum results and avoid any unnecessary injury.

Make sure your penis is semi-erected and completely dry.

Insert your penis through the bottom of the stretcher.

Take the penis just under the glans, move the glans straight into the strap of the extender into comfortable position.

Ensure that you keep sufficient pressure on the penis so that it stays in its place and the glans will not be able slip out from the comfort strap.

Finally, regulate the brace to stretch your tissues.

How often to use a device?

To gain the desired result, the device has to be worn about 4-8 hours daily. And the more you use it, the faster and better results will be.

How To Use Penis ExtendersMost experts suggest that, ideally, the penis extenders need to be worn for about 8 hours daily. Still, that is not often possible for many men who may have a busy life.

So, you may use the penis extender for a 3-4 hours a day if necessary, but be aware the effects will take that little bit longer.

Yet, although the gains are to some extent equal to the time the devices are worn; you will still get benefits even if the device is worn for shorter time.

It is of the highest importance to be fully committed and use the device as much as your time allows!

How to stop using the device?

After you have gained the desired size, you can always finish wearing the penis extenders, but keep in mind, this should be done gradually to eliminate any type of discomfort.

So, if you used the device for 6 hours through the whole treatment, you have to do it by using first for 4 hours one week then 2 hours during the next week and at the end 1 hour daily on the final week before ending.

After this time, you need use it 1 hour two times a week for some 2-3 weeks and then ultimately stop.

How to use penis extenders – safety suggestions

You should get some of the penis extenders with the comfort strap included or it is very painful for you to wear it.

At the start, never use more than 4 hours daily. After you get used to it, you could wear it up to 8 hours. It is good to take 15-20 minutes breaks during the use, but it is not necessary..

Take one day off every week for highest effectiveness. It can help you repair your tissues much faster.

To boost and accelerate results, you may also use nutritional supplements, vitamin E oil at the end of the day and stop smoking or any similar addiction.

It is very important to select the reliable and comfortable extender, built of high-quality, medical grade materials, durable and able to offer precise traction levels.

This will not only bring you desired results but will also keep you safe from any negative effects or injury. So, get a stretcher like SizeGenetics that is medically tested, backed up by clinical studies and has no reported adverse effects.

SizeGenetics Device

SizeGenetics helps you to increase your length and girth through a process that is known as traction. In this process, you are stretching your tissues using the SizeGenetics device regularly. As your tissue is being stretched, there are microscopic gaps that are occurring inside your penis.

In the time of the cell healing recovery, new cells are produced naturally, helping your penis to become bigger, so that it can keep more blood, which means you should also experience better and stronger erections!

The higher the traction force a stretcher can provide, the better and faster your results. With the SizeGenetics extender providing a substantial 2,800 grams of traction force, you will get faster and more beneficial results in comparison with with any other similar product.

The SizeGenetics penis extenders are 100% pain-free, safe, and your gains are permanent!

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