Curved Penis

Curved Penis

Suffering from a curved penis is more widespread than you probably think, even if you are under 50 and are in the best years of your life. The truth is curved penis can affect you at any part of your life. 14, 33, 70 … unintentionally damage your organ and without right treatment a curvature can happen.

What Is a Curved Penis?

Curved penis is classified as Peyronies Disease. Named after the physician Francois de la Peyroni, who revealed causes of this problem. Don’t be scared, curved penis is not actually disease but a condition described as ‘the presence of one or more fibrous plaques along the shaft of your penis.’ Angulations can vary from anywhere between 10° to 45°.

penile curvatureThe cause of Peyronie’s disease is not quite known. Many hypotheses have been presented including wound healing disorders, genetic, altered scar tissue creation and traumatic injury, but in reality, the true cause is still unknown.

The signs of first stages of this condition may be fast or slow. But the severity of the disease may differ from one phase to another.

The manifestation of this disorder is going to be a slow onset of bending which comes together with pain, as the organ becomes gradually deformed in shape.

In rare occasions, hardening of tissue may occur in a part called tunica albuinea. It is not so complicated condition and can be successfully treated. And whatever method you try, you want to know that once your curved penis is cured it won’t return so you can be able to enjoy sex over and over again.

How to Fix a Curved Penis?

Various medical treatments for correction of penile curvature in men with Peyronie’s disease have been tried. Treatments such as vitamin E, pentoxifylline, topical and intralesional injection of verapamil, and intralesional interferon have been used.

Sadly, there are limited double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical tests with such treatments and their safety and effectiveness are not confirmed.

The only non-invasive and clinically confirmed treatment is the use of penis stretchers. These devices were initially planned for the single purpose of reducing penile curvatures. Yet, after various clinical tests it has been proven that they also have the added benefit of increasing the overall size of your organ.

Over the last decade, progression in technology has made it possible for scientists to develop a number of different stretchers which can successfully treat Peyronies and decrease the appearance of curvatures. SizeGenetics is the best example.

how to fix a curved penisIn a clinical study, made by Wendy Hurn (Urology Specialist Practitioner at Bristol Royal Infirmary), it is concluded that ‘SizeGenetics is a great alternative to surgery for correcting curvatures.’

Tests are done on 22 men suffering from penile curvature. They were divided into 2 groups, one group with a stretched penile length of less than 12.5cm and another group with a stretched penile length more than 12.5cm.

Each man was instructed to use the SizeGenetics extender for an average of 5 hours every day during a 3 month period.

After 3 months, Dr. Hurn documented: average penis length increases of 0.8-2.3cm and also decrease in penile curvatures of an average 20%.

By her words: ‘Our records show penis-stretching is successful in Peyronie’s disease treatment, particularly at the stage of strict penile retraction.’

And this is not the only clinical test that confirms effectiveness of SizeGenetics in the treatment of Peyronies Disease.

Take for example Paolo Gontero’s study ‘Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease’. He found that subjects experienced reductions in curvatures of 31° to 27° during the 6 months they used the penis extender. These reductions were still obvious when subjects were examined 1 year later.

Enlargement devices like SizeGenetics basically use a similar method to that used in orthopaedic surgery. Corpora Cavernosa are exposed to the traction force and this triggers cells to break away from the wall and duplicate. As these cells build up in mass your penis will become larger and also to reduce the curvature.

SizeGenetics has a unique 58 way comfort design and is built of Medical Type 1 materials, so it is possible to wear the device comfortably all day long without experiencing any pain, chaffing or problems with blood circulation.

SizeGenetics will help your body to create new cells and in only 6 months time you will experience a visible change to the degree of your curvature. Numerous clinical studies support its effectiveness in the treatment of curved penis.

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