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3 Possible Ways To Increase Penis Size

3 Possible Ways To Increase Penis Size

How To Increase Penis Size?

The Impact of Penis Size on Health and Life

Genital health is just as important as any other muscle in our body, and has a major influence on the overall well being of men’s self image.

Problems with the penis are highly common, and can occur in men of all ages. Lumps, rashes, erectile dysfunction (ED), inflammation and excessive erections can all be damaging to the penile which can, in turn, affect the male’s self confidence level.

Some of these problems can affect the male self image so severely that they may avoid sexual contact out of self consciousness.

This is psychologically, emotionally and physically unhealthy for men of all ages.

Because of the self consciousness associated with several penis disorders such as erectile dysfunction, men may not discuss the problems they are experiencing with their doctors.

Impact of Penis Size on Health and Life

Men tend to equate the size and health of their penis to their own masculinity and self worth, creating problems if their size does not match up to their own expectations of what the “normal” size should be.

Part of the problem is inaccurate comparison. Since most men do not have a basis for comparison other than films and photos from the adult industry, they may not have an accurate and realistic ideal of what the average penis size is.

A recent study at La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society 1 revealed that 86% of the men tested were unhappy with their penis size. This study proves the correlation between men’s self image and their penis size.

Four out of five of the men studied reported that they were not satisfied with their genitals, whereas another 43% stated that they had considered undergoing an operation to increase their size.

When dealing with these kinds of issues it is important to understand what an impact a tiny penis can have on men’s physical, psychological and emotional health.

Tips to Improve Penis Health

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet can help improve blood circulation to the organ, and reduce the amount of fatty deposit buildups that can clog the penile arteries. Avoiding animal fats and excessive sugars can also help with blood flow, lower the risk of heart disease, and avoid sexual dysfunctions that are related to other health issues.

Quit Smoking

Smoking ImpotenceSmoking cigarettes can also result in poor blood flow, and cause a build of arterial plaque in important vessels and arteries.

The chances of erectile dysfunction, impotence, and reduced penile size are highly increased with extended smoking habits.

Add Multivitamins to Your Diet

Including a multivitamin into your daily regimen can help reduce the risks of potential sexual dysfunctions.

Vitamin E in particular has shown potential for preventing some problems such as penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease.

Wild yam, ginseng, dong quai, hydrangea root, and saw palmetto are just a few of the herbs that have been used to treat sexual impotence.

Consult your doctor before beginning any herbal treatments.


Regular physical activity is also vital for good health overall, not to mention penile health. Thirty minutes of exercise a day improves blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name only a few, that are major risk factors for male impotency.

Any physical activity that increase the heart rate and which is performed correctly can be counted as regular exercise.

Having regular erections and ejaculations can also help with blood flow within the penis as well as self confidence. By maintain a healthy sex life with your partner, your confidence will be greatly increased and your lower your risk of other penile issues.

Does Your Penis Size Satisfy Her

Okay, let’s start by getting the issue out in the open. Every guy worries about the size of his penis at some time in his life.

Is it too small, too thin, too short, or just plain different?

Now that we all know the issue we’re discussing here is penis size, we can discuss it more comfortably.

Did you know that so many men worry about the size of their penises that there is actually a term to describe the worry. It is called penile dysmorphophobia. So, while you may feel all alone in your worries and feel unable to discuss them with anyone else, it may help a little to know that most men go through the same concerns you are experiencing right now.

While you may be wondering if your penis is too small and how it compares to the average size out there, why don’t we talk about the individual benefits of every size penis?

The Ecstasy a Small Penis Can Bring

Let’s suppose you are right and you do have a small penis. Why does this have to be a bad thing? Let me tell you a little known secret.

You’ve heard about a woman’s G-spot 2  right? It’s that spot that drives a woman wild in the bedroom but is sometimes so difficult to find. Did you know that a smaller penis is most likely to hit that perfect spot during sex?

Does Your Penis Size Satisfy Her

Think about that for a moment. You actually have the best chance of giving her pleasure like she may never have experienced before.

The reason your penis is most likely to send her spiralling over the edge of climactic ecstasy is because the G-spot is located about 2-3 inches in from her vaginal opening.

Your penis thrusts against this spot over and over again during sex, like no other sized penis can.

The Stimulating Benefits of an Average Sized Penis

Maybe you feel you’re a little more on the average size. Guess what? You have a penis that can pleasure a woman in multiple ways!

The average size penis is perfect for stimulating her clit and her G-spot simultaneously, bringing her to mind-blowing orgasms again and again. To make the experience even hotter, the extra girth of an average sized penis stimulates yet another sensitive hot spot.

As your penis thrusts in and out, it ignites all of the nerve endings around the entrance of her vagina, increasing her pleasure even more.

Feeling a little hot under the collar yet?

So Big It May Not Fit?

Porn stars may make the super-sized penis look enticing, but the truth is a giant penis is more likely to make a woman cringe in anticipated pain than give you that come hither look.

It isn’t just the anxiety about whether or not you’ll “fit”, but worry over the trauma that can be caused during sex.

Think about it for a moment, the two of you are wrapped in the throes of passion, thrusting harder and faster. Well, this can result in a fair amount of bruising, bleeding and even tearing if your penis is extremely large.

Because of this, a woman is far more likely to be uncomfortable about sex if your penis is larger than 8 or 9 inches in length.

Ways To Increase Penis Size

As you can see, there is no single perfect penis size. It is far more important to a woman how you use your penis to bring her pleasure than how large it is. So, are you ready to give up on your quest for the ultimate penis size yet?

I didn’t think so. And if you’re still feeling self conscious about your size, you are going to be less confident in the bedroom and less intent on bringing her to the brink of carnal pleasure.

So, let’s discuss the options that are available to increase penis size you need to make you feel comfortable exhibiting your sexual prowess during playtime.

3 Ways To Increase Penis Size

Let’s start off with the simplest of natural penis enlargement methods and work toward the more complex.

Penis Exercises

If you’re longing to increase penis size then you have likely gone searching for the easiest and most pain-free method of making it happen. So you’ve done a little bit of looking around and you’ve heard a few people touting the wonders of exercise to increase penis size.

If you’re hoping that some exercises are going to bring about the changes in size you’re looking for, you may be rather disappointed.

Most of these exercises will do nothing to enlarge your penis and even if you do experience a tiny bit of growth, the results are likely to be temporary and your organ will return to its original size if you stop exercising.

Exercises To Increase Penis Size

These exercises are designed to encourage increased blood flow to the penis through milking or massaging techniques for about 30 minutes every day.

If you are faithful to the exercise regimen, you can expect to see a temporary increase in penis size of about one inch. However, you must maintain the exercises to maintain the increase in size.

While this may at first seem discouraging, don’t give up hope yet. Read on to find out about real ways to get bigger penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are three common surgical procedures to enlarge the penis.

The suspensory ligament 3 can be severed, adding an inch to the length of your penis; however, your penis will not point upward with an erection.

Another type of surgery is the insertion of inflatable tubes that are controlled by a pump inserted in the testicles.

Skin grafting is the final common type of penis enlargement surgery. Skin is taken from other areas of the body to increase size. However, this type of surgery carries the risk of graft death, which can lead to scars and deformities.

Penis Stretchers

To effectively increase penis size, you need a device that actually increases the amount of tissue in the penis. And it just so happens I know of exactly such a product.

Penis extenders are designed to augment your penis size by increasing the cells in your erectile tissue. This tissue is called the corpora cavernosa 4. These are devices that are designed to increase blood volume to the penis.

As the device applies traction to this area, the cells break free from the walls and begin to multiply. These new cells increase the volume of blood the penis can hold during an erection, thus increasing the size and making stretchers No1 penis enlargement method. This also enables you to reach firmer erections.

As an added bonus, these changes in the penis also help to prevent premature ejaculation and correct curvatures in the penis by up to 20 percent.

A penis stretcher will:

  • Increase the length
  • Increase the penis girth
  • Decrease embarrassing premature ejaculation
  • Improve the erect curvature

The Perfect Device

The benefits of a penis extender are not theoretical. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the device.

In one clinical study of 18 men, the participants gained an average increase in erection size of 2.8 cm and an average increase of flaccid size of 1.9 cm. These results were maintained after the conclusion of the study.

However, not all penis extenders are created equally. There are particular factors to look for in a device that will actually provide real, lasting results.

A reputable and effective penis extender will be made of Medical Type 1 material, such as the devices made by SizeGenetics. This type of material helps to prevent the device from becoming uncomfortable, enabling you to wear it for an adequate amount of time.

Other comfort factors to look for in a penis extender include the amount of adjustability. No two penises are the same, and therefore a penis extender should provide comfort adjustments, such as SizeGenetics that enable you to adjust the device in 58 different ways.

Best Male Enhancement Option in USA

SizeGenetics penis extenders are probably one of the most comfortable devices on the market, with 58 different ways to wear the extender, you’re sure to find a comfortable fit to enable long term wear and big results.

Clinical Studies

SizeGenetics is a clinically tested device

Do not choose a penis extender that does not provide proof of clinical testing on the particular product.

Many devices site display generic studies to prove the effectiveness of their product but have never had their own product tested to know if it measures up. Find a device that provides real, supportive evidence for the effectiveness of that particular penis extender.


This point is just common sense. If the product will work, there is no reason not to support its effectiveness with a money back guarantee. However, even this can be misleading.

You see, a penis extender takes about six months to provide you with the final and lasting results. If the guarantee offered with the device is not of at least this length, what is the likelihood that it is a quality product?

3 Interesting Ways To Increase Penis Size

You Can (And Will) Increase Penis Size!

As you can see, there are multiple options available to you if you feel an increase in penis size is going to boost your confidence in the bedroom.

While exercise alone will not provide the increase in penis size you’ve been hoping for, it can provide the stamina you need to make every sexual experience a night-long event you’ll never forget.

Enlargement surgery may provide you results, but it also comes with risks of scars and deformities.

Finally, we come to a quality SizeGenetics penis stretcher that can provide you permanent gains without any health risks.

So, go ahead and give your options a try, steadily increase penis size and you’ll find that your new-found confidence will give you the ability to bring your partner to soaring heights of ecstasy so she’ll be ready and waiting for you every time.

Don’t Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life!

Don’t Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life!

Help! I Have A Tiny Penis!

Human penis size refers to the length and width of human male genitalia. Some men think about a large penis like a symbol of masculinity and a tiny penis an indication of not being able to fulfill a partner’s sexual needs. Interest in larger penis sizes have led to an industry devoted to penis enlargement. Does your penis size satisfy you?

Penis size depends upon the amount of blood that can fill it during an erection. The skin of the penis will only stretch so far. With each full erection the skin will stretch to its capacity. This will trigger cell growth if nutritional requirements are met.

This is an issue that affects the vast majority of men at some point during their lives. It is not uncommon for men to feel anxious or embarrassed about this issue, especially if they feel that their penis is much smaller than the average one.

However, many men who have a penis size that is above average 1, would still like to gain a bigger penis size. The anxiety about size can lead to self doubt and can seriously damage a man’s self confidence as well as their sexual performance.

I Have A Tiny Penis!


Penis size and erectile difficulties are real, every day concerns for roughly half of all men in our society. Sexual health is a universal concern. While some men simply desire a bigger penis, many of us face serious psychological issues, erectile dysfunction, an inability to control orgasms, and so on. This translates to a lack of confidence in our ability to pleasure our partner, and an inability to enjoy sex ourselves.

It is important not only due to psychological reasons; it’s also a crucial factor for harmonious sexual relationship and successful sexual intercourse.

Penis size and sexual power are the things of crucial importance for many men. Sexually strong men are more self-confident and ambitious; they are less prone to stress and panic attacks, are more initiative at work and succeed in life more easily and more frequently than the men suffering from sexual disorders or having complexes connected with sex.

How Women React To A Small Penis?

Penis size, or our perceived lack of it, often seems to be directly linked to levels of self-esteem, confidence and our perception of masculinity. One study 2 reveals that women are less concerned and rank size fairly low on the list of important physical attributes in a man.

Of course there are reports to the contrary, stating women are unhappy with the size of their partner’s penis. Yet, whenever surveyed, ladies consistently claimed that girth was more important than size. 3

Women Reaction To A Small Penis

This surprising response is seemingly odd as there appears to become no physiological basis for such claims, though a lot more girth may present extra clitoral excitement. Whether this is the case or not, manhood size is definitely more of an issue for men than women.

Penis size shows in your confidence, your sex life, your relationships and your overall well-being. Up to 60% of relationship breakups cited “sexual problems” as a main factor. Regardless of the big difference that satisfaction with your male organ size can make to a guy’s life, many men uncover the problem tough to talk about with their lover or their doctor.

Is Your Penis Small Or Average?

With penis size having great physiological and physiological importance, it is often important to note the average size of the penis.

A number of medical studies have been led with the purpose of establishing this statistics. Length is usually measured while a man is upright with the shaft directing down.

Penis size has 2 parameters: width and length. An average length is from 12 to 15 cm and more (about 5.1-5.9 in) and 3.9 cm in width. The studies have shown that most men have equipment no more than 15 cm long, so don’t believe when all your friends claim they have 25 cm and more.

Don't Let A Tiny Penis Ruin Your Life

This can help the people to know and understand about the penis size and thus they can compare it to their measurements. If the size is “between” 5-7 inch when erect then the piece is considered to be absolutely normal and hence people should not be worried about the size of their penis. A penis 7cm long and shorter is referred to as micropenis.

Some guys have a tiny penis when flaccid that stretches noticeably throughout an erection. Others have a long flaccid measurements that only just increases when organ gets erect. Men with tiny penis when it’s not erected tend to see men from the second group naked in the showers and incorrectly think that they have an abnormally small penis.

Small Dick? Let’s Solve This Problem Together!

Well, the good news is that there are some methods you can adopt that may help you deal with having small penis.

🚩 Compensate with building bigger muscles…

Many men with small penises compensate in other ways like building muscular physique. This will make you feel a little better about not being well endowed. Also having a toned body can certainly attract women 4, not to mention the health benefits.

🚩 Don’t compare yourself to other men

The average penis size is around 5-7 inches fully when it is fully erect. If you have this size, then you don’t have to feel like you are much smaller than other men. Those porn stars you see with are not the one’s you should be comparing yourself to.

🚩 Try to last longer during intercourse…

Its great having a larger penis however if you can’t preform in bed, whats the point? Within minutes… Many men are done and this is something that will turn girls off no matter what your size is. One thing you can do to try to make yourself last longer is “interplay”. Take frequent breaks with foreplay methods. This will not only prolong sex, and satisfy your partner.

🚩 Become better at sex…

One way to feel more confident if you have a small penis is to become better at pleasing your partner. This can be achieved with prolonged foreplay, doing different positions and experimenting with different techniques. Most women love foreplay! If you want to turn her on, then foreplay will certainly be a right step forward.

Even Better – Don’t Stick To Your Tiny Dick!

So there are some ways to deal with a smaller penis but if you want to make your dick biger, then the only way is by natural enlargement.

Natural male enhancement means expanding your penile chambers, speeding blood flow into your penile shaft, and naturally strengthening your muscle.

Increasing penile size is something that almost every man on earth would want to do if it could be done as pain free and naturally as possible. Finding the best solution for increasing your size isn’t easy to do since there are a lot of scams, especially on the Internet.

Natural methods are often disregarded because they have attracted a bad reputation as a direct result of the number of scams that have been out there in recent years. There have undoubtedly been plenty but that is not to say that all natural methods do not work. Several of them work really well.

With many technological advances, doctors now endorse high-quality penis enlargement traction devices as a reliable form of male enhancement. There are high-quality best penis extenders that guarantee to increase the size.

Make Your Tiny Penis Grow BIG!

The Sizegenetics system is one of the best solutions because you not only receive a doctor certified penile enlargement traction device, but help and advice.

Some of the medical conditions that can be treated using SizeGenetics are erectile dysfunction, micropenis, and banana-type erections. The effectiveness of this product to treat these conditions has been scientifically tested and proven.

SizeGenetics system works on the principle of traction force. It softly pushes your penis forward causing cell duplication. The organ stretches over time and keeps it new shape due to the development of new cells and increased blood flow.

Make Your Tiny Penis Grow BIG!Using the SizeGenetics extender is a lot like lifting dumbbells while in the gym. The muscle tissue will endure a bit of the strain but they will grow back to give you more volume.

Users of SizeGenetics extender have reported that they observed impressive results—there is an additional growth of about 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. You will not get such permanent results from any other penis enlargement method.

Living with the reality that you have bigger penis will give you plenty of advantages and fulfillment in your normal, everyday life!

There is a lot more to say about this powerful enlargement system which helps make each and every man’s dream come true when it’s about having a bigger dick.

SizeGenetics was the first of its kind on the market and is the only extender that can provide men with the increased size and girth they need to completely satisfy a woman.

Independent experts from all around the world have confirmed that the SizeGenetics system will give you huge results in as little as 6 months. Many men who use the device will get at least 3 inches in length and up to 1 inch in girth added permanently.

Let’s look at the benefits …

🔥 You will have larger and firmer erections.
🔥 The length and the girth will be increased.
🔥 Your flaccid penis will be bigger and appear fuller. (no more hiding in the showers)
🔥 Size improvements will be permanent.
🔥 With the added confidence, your erections will last longer meaning you will be able to have sex for longer
🔥 You can straighten most cosmetic penile curves.
🔥 Your sex drive and stamina will be increased.

The SizeGenetics 58 Way Comfort Mechanism

The SizeGenetics 58 way comfort mechanism is based on many, many years of research. SizeGenetics technicians have delivered us a advanced system that is appropriate for almost all men.

This system is exclusive in that it could potentially be worn in 58 different ways. By allowing this flexibility to the system, it will make it much more achievable to get the best one that suits every person’s requirements.

The SizeGenetics 58 way comfort mechanism is designed to be easy to use and discreet. One could wear it while watching TV or making dinner without having to worry if anyone can see it or not.

Remember, all guys are unique and have various requirements so its sound judgment that an extender needs to meet all those different guys demands. The SizeGenetics 58 Way Ultimate Comfort system is arguably the most comfortable device on the market!

Don’t Stick To Your Tiny Dick!

Just a quick reminder, SizeGenetics is a CE approved health product. Doctors universally are in agreement over Size Genetics, and agree that the cell division allows the penis to expand and therefore your tissues expand allowing an increase in blood to flow. Scientifically, this results in a bigger penis.

In fact, SizeGenetics is the only proven method that is clinically certified and globally recognized.

Professional medical experts have recently carried out an extensive study which explored the question; do penis extenders really work?

To assess the potential of extenders, The University of Turin hosted a clinical study to see if one commonly used penile extender could assist individuals who complain about their ‘tiny penis’ condition.

16 patients completed the study. This was felt to be enough to judge the effectiveness of the extender.

Before starting the study, all the patients would have their penis measured in both a flaccid and stretched state. Then when using the extender, the patients were told to use the device for at least 4-6 hours a day for a 6 month period.

Time for the RESULTS! Did they successfully manage to extend their penises?

The great news is YES! The results were measured after 6 months. Out of all the 16 patients, the average increase was 2.3 cm for a flaccid penis, and 1.7cm when it was erected.

That’s right. The trial was a BIG, BIG SUCCESS!

In addition to this, the study clearly showed that 6 months after the patients stopped using the device, they DID NOT lose any of the size they had gained!

When enlarging the penis you can’t afford to choose the incorrect technique. You just have one penis so the dangers which are connected with the likes of low-cost devices, surgery, pumps and weight hanging make these strategies a no-go spot for lots of men.

Sizegenetics guarantees what it claims and the multitude of men who have confirmed good benefits really are a statement for its effectiveness. If you are considering male enhancement you should trust the years of research and the medical evidence and go the Sizegenetics way.

Tiny Dick No More!

If you are really serious about making a big difference in your life, don’t wait another second to change your imperfections and turn them into lifelong confidence. With SizeGenetics, all of this and more can happen to you.

Your penis is really important so you shouldn’t risk its overall health with untried, less than reputable products, solutions or companies.

SizeGenetics is so confident it can safely give you results; it offers a 6-month DOUBLE money back guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the final results, you will get a double refund. The SizeGenetics is incredible high quality and very successful and that’s the reason they provide this unrivaled money-back guarantee.

If you want to enlarge your penis and improve your sex life, then going the natural route may be the way forward. It is all about choosing the right solution to increase your tiny penis and enjoy in better and happy sexual life.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

Penis Enlargement Methods – What Works Best?

Penis enlargement is one of those issues that are much talked about but that somehow are never explained properly and that are never covered in their entirety. Here, we would like to give our viewpoint on this matter, trying to explain a few aspects of penis enlargement as a concept. For one, we would like to examine why so many men are interested in these procedures. We would also like to see what makes penis enlargement so controversial and we would also like to mention a few methods and products and try to explain them in brief.

First of all, we would like to take a theoretical look at what it is that drives men towards penis enlargement. The truth is that this is not that difficult to explain and that there are numerous reasons why this is the case.

The first reason is a very animalistic one and it has to do with the competitiveness of men that can easily be transferred to the size of the penis. Whether you want it or not, you are constantly comparing the size of your penis to those of other people, either directly or indirectly. You are constantly figuring out the average size and how you fare and for the most part, we do not fare that well.

Penis Enlargement Methods

This is another reason, the fact that nothing is ever enough when the length and the girth of the penis is in question. We all feel that we could benefit from an inch in length and a few in girth. We all want a penis that would make women gasp and stand in awe. We all feel that we would be bigger men if we had a bigger penis.

We must also not forget the effect that women opinions have. Nowadays, more than ever, women are admitting that they like a big penis and we cannot help but remember this whenever we think about our own piece of equipment. In short, it is no wonder why so many men consider penis enlargement. It is wonder we all aren’t.

The controversial aspect of this issue is perhaps even more pronounced and it has a lot to do with innumerable scams that have surrounded this industry and with numerable claims that turned out to be untruthful. And this is a huge problem because there are penis enlargement methods that work and that men need to be aware of.

In fact, it is the spam-masters and the frauds that have given the industry a bad name, a name that it does not deserve for the best part. This is where we would like to tell you about a few penis enlargement methods that will work and that will show certain results.

Proven Penis Enlargement Methods

We are interested in providing the general public with as much information on penis enlargement methods as possible and today we have decided to tell you something more about the three major methods and how they compare. These are penis stretchers, supplements and surgery. We would like to look at these from various standpoints and give our final opinion.

The first among these is the penis enlargement surgery which was initially meant to be just a treatment for certain ailments and conditions and that ended up being something of a cosmetic surgical procedure, giving men who can afford it an increase in size. There are however, a few downs to the entire idea and these are the price and the risks involved. Furthermore, the results are usually less than dramatic.

Proven Penis Enlargement Methods

Supplements are another story as they are far more affordable and involve no risks, of course, provided that you go for reputable products. While most of these penis pills are meant to enhance your performance, there are those which can also contribute to the size of the penis, especially in the erect position. These pills mostly work by enhancing the flow of blood into the organ, thus making it larger when erect, which is when you want to have it bigger in the first place.

Another method that we would recommend are the penis stretching devices. These are devices whose initial design has been improved on and that have become the most popular way to increase the girth and the length of the male organ. These are also very safe and what is more important, they are exceptionally effective in enlarging the organ.

When we are talking about the price, it is obvious that penis enlargement surgery comes out as a loser here. Namely, this type of surgery is very expensive and you cannot expect to have decent surgery done on your penis for less than a few thousand dollars to say the least. The better surgeons (those that you will want to go for) will charge upwards of $10,000.

Supplements are cheaper but as you continue using them, their price might add up. Penis stretchers are the cheapest option, with the need to buy only one device that will last you a lifetime.

When safety is concerned, the surgery once again comes out to be the worst of the three and it is all thanks to the fact that it is, actually, surgery, no matter how you cut it (excuse the pun). There is cutting involved, there is new tissue being inserted and there is anaesthesia. All of this makes for a troublesome mix of risks.

Male Enhancement SupplementsSupplements and extenders far much better in this respect. Supplements are natural and thus safe while extenders are safe due to their design and the materials used.

Finally, we come to the results that are achieved by these three solutions and we have to say that supplements are not looking that great here. Namely, in majority of cases, their enlarging effects can only be noticed when the penis is erect.

Still, there are those that can result in a permanent increase in size, but for such things to happen, you need to bring the exercises into the mix.

Penis enlargement surgery works like a charm and the only issue is that the effects are not that spectacular.

Finally, penis stretchers bring about the largest increase in size and the most noticeable one. This is yet another thing that makes penis extenders our preferred choice.

Best Penis Enlargement Option

As far as we are concerned, penis stretchers are the best solution for all men looking for natural penis enlargement options that will work and that will be safe. We know our penis enlargement methods and after a lot of debating and mulling, we have decided that these are truly the finest ones on the market and for a number of various reasons.

The first reason why we think that stretchers are the best thing out there for enlargement is that they are perfectly safe. We talk about medical devices of course, homemade penis extenders are completely different story.

Medical devices have been tested over and over again by various health organizations and authorities and every time, they have come up with a single opinion – that penis extenders are safe and that they can be used by pretty much anyone. You simply put on the device and you wear it for as long as you can. There is nothing that you are putting in your body or nothing aggressive that you are doing to your penis.

We also need to say a thing or two about the results that can be achieved with stretchers. These results are far more dramatic than anything you could ever accomplish with some other products of the similar kind. For instance, there is no penis enlargement surgery that can give you more than 30% additional length and more than 20% girth. And these are the results that you can accomplish with penis extenders, and these results are clinically proven.

Another reason why we prefer penis stretchers is that they are simple to use and that you require no procedures or exercises to go along with your regimen. You only need to put on the device and wear it for at least 4 hours every day. Due to modern technology and design, this is very easy to do and you will find yourself using penis extender for much longer.

Finally, there is the price. Whereas you would have to pay thousands of dollars for surgery and whereas you would need to order one bottle of penis enlargement supplements after another, with a penis extender, you are settled with just one purchase. There is a lifetime warranty on any of the brands and you can rest assured that you will be buying just one of these devices which are not that expensive to begin with.

The Sizegenetics extender has been creating a lot of buzz on the Internet thanks to the large number of men who have used the product and gone on to say that it really works. It is true that there are a lot of similar products out there, but several things separate this from the rest, not least being that it has backing from the scientific and medical field.

As many Sizegenetics reviews show, this device is capable of extending your penile length several inches permanently. As a matter of fact, size genetics remains the best and leading enlargement product ever!

🔥 SizeGenetics is a powerful enlargement device certified by top medical practitioners.

🔥 You can easily straighten curvatures with SizeGenetics.

🔥 It is the only permanent enlargement that comes without surgery

This system comes with several accessories apart from the device, such as the 58 Way Comfort Strap (you can use different types of glans attachments and you can upgrade it to Velcro straps, a silicone strap, silicone tube and many others), an instructional DVD, and more.

The Ultimate System comes with a travel case, traction powder, MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling), spare parts, and a 180 day DOUBLE money back guarantee.

Best Penis Enlargement Method

Sizegenetics works directly on your Copora Cavernosa the part of your penile that stores blood when you have an erection. Simply put, the length of your penile is determined by the size of your Copora Cavernosa, and what the extender does is increase its size.

If you’re wondering how this works, it goes something like this: when you wear the extender, you will get a constant traction, and the more you do this, the greater the chances of the Copora Cavernosa cells to split and duplicate, thus increasing the length of your penis.

This is not just theory as extensive scientific studies have shown that is exactly how the penis can be naturally stretched. In the end, you not only get a longer penis but also longer erections. Assuming that extender is properly applied, your dick will respond to its traction technology.

As many reviewers and satisfied customers reported, the length and girth you get from this extender is just as effective as anything you would get from surgically enhancing penile, and in many ways it is much better as it is cheaper and there are no undesirable side effects.

And while the emphasis here is on lengthening your penis, it also provides you with many ways of strapping on the device, and unlike other extenders, it doesn’t choke your dick or make you uncomfortable.

These are just the benefits and advantages you will get by wearing it. This does not even include the satisfaction and self confidence that you will get when you see your penile increase by several inches. The manufacturer also paid a great deal of attention to the materials used for extender.

Unlike cheap extenders that are made of plastic and snap in two easily, this one is built to last. In addition, the extender stays in place once it is attached, unlike other extenders that have a tendency to fall off due to poor design, and most importantly it is easy to put on and take off.

To get the best results you should wear the extender at least four hours a day. However, it is comfortable enough to wear eight hours a day as you won’t feel any discomfort. Because the built in strap is soft, your dick is kept in place without pinching or slippage.

As the men who have used the device say, it applies just a sufficient amount of tension so you don’t have to consistently make adjustments until the time comes when you have to remove it. This is major departure from other extenders that use poorly constructed “nooses” that are either too tight and very uncomfortable or too loose that they slip.

And in case it isn’t clear yet, there is no limit to the length that your dick can achieve as the device works naturally by expanding the tissues on your dick. The traction technology the extender uses is compatible for all men, unlike surgery which only works on about 30% or less.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

While the Sizegenetics benefits are considerable, it has to be emphasized that the device is not without issues. The first is not really a shortcoming but just something you have to bear in mind. That is, when you first wear the extender you will be aware or conscious of it, but that’s normal. It isn’t going to hurt but it might be uncomfortable for the first hour but afterwards it will be like it’s not there at all.

The other thing that has to be stressed here is that while this extender does work, it takes time, as in you need to wait a few weeks to see the effects, and several months before you reach the maximum potential length of your penis.

But the fact that it doesn’t claim to be able to extend your dick in a day or two is an indication that it is genuine, as those bogus penis extenders always say they can extend your penile in a day or two which of course does not happen.

This stretcher is backed up by solid scientific and medical evidence, and testimonials from men all over the world prove that this extender works. And most importantly, it doesn’t produce any unwanted side effects or discomfort. Besides the permanent length extension that your manhood will get, it is also more affordable than other male enhancement products out there.

In short, this is a penis enlargement product that has passed rigorous scientific tests, supported by the testimonies of satisfied customers and affordable too. For these reasons, it is easy to see why Sizegenetics has become one of the biggest selling extenders today.

There are some more penis enlargement methods, but as they are mostly ineffective and too risky, we do now wish to spend too much time talking about these.

How To Find Best Male Enhancement Options In USA

How To Find Best Male Enhancement Options In USA

Men from USA who are interested in male enhancement options nowadays have quite a choice. When compared to only twenty years ago, situation is much improved for the USA enlargement enthusiast and there is quite a lot of choice to consider when deciding. However, this can prove to be a problem as there is just too much choices, so there is a need for at least some advice on how to do this correctly. We would like to provide this advice right here.

Male enhancement – why men do it?

The question of why men go for male enhancement is one of those questions that many women ask here in USA and elsewhere and a question that many men ask as well, mainly those who do not wish to be honest about themselves and their own self-confidence. And there are quite a few reasons why USA men and men in all other parts of the world want a bigger penis, reasons that we would like to examine right here.

Best Male Enhancement Options USA

The first of the reasons is that for most men, no penis is big enough. We all know at least approximately what the average size of the penis is. And the majority of us are blessed with exactly an average penis, which is why it is called the average size actually. However, for most of us, the average just does not work. Who wants to be average? Most people do not. Most men wish to be above the average. We want to be the best and that is why we do it.

Also, we must not forget the fact that a big penis has a very deep and almost animalistic effect on our psyche and the psyche of the women we happen to be with. In our minds, deep, deep down there, there is a notion that a bigger penis makes us bigger men and the funniest thing is that women also feel that way on a subconscious level.

No woman will stand in awe of an average penis. They will when they are faced with a huge penis and that is another reason why we want a big penis.

Another reason why men go for male enhancement is that they have become aware that for women, the size does matter. We have been told in the past that they do not care but as soon as women decided to be really honest about whether they care about the penis size, we have found out that they do care.

They just love a bigger penis and there is nothing wrong with it. They are being honest finally, but that is also why they should understand that we want a bigger penis partly because they want it as well.

Finally, there is porn. Yes, we know that these guys are chosen for their “talent”, but that does not prevent us from wanting a penis that is porn-sized. We would all like to have a penis of a porn star and it is quite natural.

Male enhancement – what are the options in the USA?

Female sexuality is finally talked about extensively in USA and elsewhere in the western world and if you ask us, this is a good thing. Women are finally free to talk about their experiences and about what they expect from their partners, us the guys for the most part. And as things so often go and develop, this has led to something negative.

This negative aspect of the more female-centric approach to sexual activities has led to the rise in expectations, especially thanks to the availability of porn and the constant talks about how men need to be big and able to go for hours.

And this puts tons of pressure on us guys. The good thing about this whole situation is that we live in an age of scientific advancements that have allowed us to improve our penis size and to get better in the bedroom.

First of all, you need to decide which of the effective male enhancement solutions you are going for. Male enhancement surgery, believe it or not, is currently the oldest efficient way to increase the size of your penis. We are not counting the penis stretchers of the years past or homemade penis extenders because they have been majorly ineffective up until very recently, which makes surgery the oldest effective male enhancement option.

However, there are obvious issues with male enhancement surgery. For instance, it is excruciatingly expensive. Even USA health insurance does not cover for what is considered cosmetic penis enlargement surgery which has no functional needs other than enlargement. You need to pay for all of it and you will be set back a few thousand dollars at least. The safety aspect is also something that needs to be considered with all the risks that come with anesthesia and being cut open. Things can always go wrong.

Male enhancement options in the USA

If you are extremely wealthy and if you are not concerned with the possible complications of penis enlargement surgery, it is a possibility. However, for most of us, it will be either too expensive or too scary which makes it a non-option.

Penis enlargement devices are a relatively new option for male enhancement and we have to say that we are quite satisfied with the promise that these devices show. They are worn around the waist and these devices work by extending the penis over time. The amount of force used is mild enough not to cause any harm to the penis while still being effective after a period of time. This is something that is relatively easily achieved and most people who decide to use penis traction devices do so because they do not wish to go for dangerous enlargement surgery.

Penis stretchers boost the amount of blood flow that is allowed into the penis when erect which results in bigger erections and subsequent increase in the size of the organ. These devices also enhance other aspects of the male performance, making men more confident, more libidous and more energetic in the bedroom. These devices are perfectly safe to provide the effects, thus making them perfect for men of all ages and medical histories.

These penis traction devices are not expensive and they are safe. They can also produce remarkable results. They do increase the size of the penis and they are very comfortable to wear for most people.

What is even more important, they are nowadays so advanced and high-tech that you can expect to see results very quickly. You can experience an increase in the size of your erections in matter of weeks or months at the worst while most other effects are even sooner to occur. Yes, they have additional effects on your performances, such as improvement of the libido. And these are just some of the basic effects.

Best Male Enhancement Option in USA & Worldwide

SizeGenetics™ extender was specifically created to make men’s penises bigger, as well as address problems like Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature in a natural, nonsurgical method. New studies are proving that this penis lengthening device can extend the penis by as much as 3 inches.

There are thousands upon thousands of customers who sing the praises of the SizeGenetics; on top of this it has passed a number of studies as well. Penile curvature can be cured by up to 90% along with the penis growth aspects as well. There are over 100,000 customers who are glad they bought the SizeGenetics.

This great device work by taking advantage of the way the body repairs when using certain amount of force at certain areas of your penis. The growth is due to the cell regeneration that occurs within the body and it triggers the growth of the penis from both the interior and exterior at the same time.

When you use this product, you are going to see a huge difference in the length and girth of your penis. Males who employ this product on a regular basis will probably see as many as 3 inches added to the length of the penis, and as much as a 30% growth in girth.

In a nutshell, traction is used by the extender to make your penis bigger, consequently allowing your penis to grow as time goes on, making your tissue mass and bloodflow significantly improved.

Although the majority of extenders work in exactly the same way, none are as effective as the SizeGenetics, it has been engineered to place tension in all the right places and at all the right levels. It is device with MASSIVE 2800g tension and the only device with even 58 different COMFORT options for prolonged use and faster results.

Best Male Enhancement Option in USA

This design is a lot more comfortable to wear than the silicone noose because it spreads pressure a lot more evenly over the entire length of the penis. Even better, many users report that they don’t even remember they are wearing it because it is provides that much comfort. Due to the comfort level of this device, you will be able to have it on you for more and more time, making your penis gains that much speedier.

While we are on the subject of comfort, the SizeGenetics extender is so comfortable you can go about your day with it on and not even feel any discomfort; you just have to put it on two hours every day. This is why many men will keep it on for up to 12 hours a day to stimulate as much growth as possible. The ability to use the extender for however long you wish and at whatever time of day you wish means it is incredibly convenient and allows you to create a schedule based around your own personal aims.

It is also made out of high quality parts, making it different from much of the competition. The 6 month warranty on each part that company provides with every purchase speaks volumes as to their faith in the quality of this device. What’s more, if you need any sort of help, you can benefit from the 24-hour customer service, as well as the six month DOUBLE money back guarantee. Clearly, this product is one that the company is very proud of because they have spent much time perfecting it.

Treating curvature of the penis was the initial reason the penis enlarger was developed. However, research then indicated that when this product is used on a regular basis, the penis grows up to 3 inches, and the results are permanent.

With regular use of the penis extender it was also found that men achieved better erections and orgasms as well as a higher level of stamina. Given the unique design of the 58 Way Comfort System within the SizeGenetics penis stretcher, circulation within the penile area is made much more improved.

Besides the already stated medical corrections, regular use of the SizeGenetics has also given many men who suffer with erectile dysfunction. With its proven record, this fantastic device has gained recognition by medical doctors the world over.

It is hard to name another penile extender currently available that offers the exact same benefits as this one. Not one other product available on the market can compare to the quality and effectiveness of the SizeGenetics, as well as the high level of support customers receive, and this is why its makers are so proud of it.

If you have been hunting for a good penile enlargement device, or something to help solve such penile issues as those mentioned, then this product is for you. It is not just a purchase it is really an investment!

Best Male Enhancement Option USA

The choice that you need to make now is to choose the make that will do the most for you. There are quite a few manufacturers and to someone without too much experience, it may seem that all of the devices are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are obvious frontrunners and they can be easily identified and researched in more detail which is something we definitely recommend.

You need to check the reputability of the developer and the manufacturer; you need to check their design and the technology that is used; you need to make sure that they are pricing their products realistically and that they have the best possible customer service that will take care of all your worries if you might have some.

In the end, it turns out that penis stretchers are the best choice. They are 100% safe. They are proven to work and they produce no side effects. As you can see, you have various male enhancement options in USA, and in our opinion, the best way to go for it is with penis stretchers.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally

How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally

Are you searching the ways to make your dick bigger naturally? If you are, then the information on this page will help.

For the last two years we have conducted extensive studies in the field of natural penis enlargement. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the highlights of what we have learned so you too can reap all the benefits of having a larger and healthier penis!

Why Do Men Want To Make Dick Bigger?

In order to fully explain or even try to understand what it is that inspires and stimulates men to try out various penis enlargement techniques is an undertaking that could easily take up a few books.

However, we can try and give a clear and obvious answer that would be based on common knowledge and common sense as well. We will try to do exactly this and try and give our view of the issue at hand. In short, why do men want to make dick bigger?

First of all, there is the innate competitiveness among men that is very easily translated into comparing the size of the penis. It is a butt of many a joke but there is definitely some truth to that. Somehow, men are very concerned how big their penis is in comparison to other men, especially when they are asking their girlfriend or spouse about other men that she has had before. It is one of those very animalistic reasons for penis enlargement and also one that is not that difficult to understand.

Why Do Men Want To Make Dick Bigger

Then, there is the issue of porn, watching porn. Even though men understand that men who do porn are especially endowed and possess certain “talents”, it is not that easy to forget about seeing those big penises that are much bigger than the average and that seem to be the only size capable of satisfying the ladies.

And this might be the most inexplicable reason since we do understand that these are not ordinary penises and average sized penises. However, one cannot help but be influenced by what they see, which leads men to see their penises as smaller than they might think.

In addition to this, there is a growing trend of women admitting that they prefer bigger penises. This is something that has been ignored or played down over the years, but these days, thanks to the more open and honest approach to sex on the part of the women, we are constantly reminded that ladies do like bigger penises. And this is understandable as bigger and thicker penises work for women on a number of levels, from the very animalistic ones to the simply aesthetical ones. In short, men have started to realize the love that women have for bigger penises.

Finally, there is another reason, which might actually be a mistake. Namely, men tend to have a rather skewed and incorrect idea of what an average-sized penis is. Some men believe that this size is much bigger while others simply want to be above average. And in order to achieve this size, they start inquiring about various options for penis enlargement, which are growing in number and in effectiveness all the time.

The good news is that there are some options these days that are definitely effective and that can help men to make dick bigger naturally. What is important to do is to inquire about these, to research them and to find out as much about them as possible.

It is also important that the man in question has all the information possible they will require in order to make the correct choice when going for something that will increase the size of their penis.

What Are Your Options For Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement is in no way a modern concept. It seems that the size of the male organ has been an issue ever since we evolved and it is actually something that can be understood. It is perfectly logical to think that the size of the penis once determined how many mates a male will attract and this is something that goes deep in our blood.

These days, however, we are seeing a real boom when it comes to options to make dick bigger and we would like to give you at least some insight into what they are and how they work.

First of all, there are various penis enlargement exercises that have been around for centuries. These exercises have been developed over the years to be effective in increasing the size of the penis. There have been plenty of these regimens invented and developed and some of them have had some results.

However, the biggest problem with these penis enlargement exercises is that they are very dangerous and risky. Namely, there have been innumerable cases of men doing damage to their penises, which is something that makes these exercises less than perfect choices.

how to make your dick bigger

Natural ways to make your dick bigger and in modern day’s supplements have also been used for centuries, mostly in combination with some lighter, safer exercises.

It is difficult to say how effective these natural remedies had been in the past, but these days, there are such advanced formulations and supplements that they seem to be having a positive effect on penis enlargement. These need to be taken for extended periods of time during which they gradually increase the size of the penis through enhancing the blood flow and so on.

Penis pumps that had originally been developed to help with erectile dysfunction have also been used by many to make dick bigger naturally. This, we have to say, is not the smartest idea and in fact, this can lead to irreparable damage to the penis, as many man have experienced on their own skin. Namely, these devices were never meant to be used in this way and using them thusly can definitely pose a huge risk to the health of the penis.

Penis enlargement surgery is another option that we have to mention as it has become quite popular in the last few decades that it has been around. Initially, penis enlargement surgery was meant mostly for men suffering from a condition called micropenis which is not only an aesthetical issue, but a functional one as well. Over the years, this type of surgery has advanced, and it can provide certain results.

Surgery will make your dick bigger and produce much faster results than any natural penis enlargement method. Unfortunately, it still has two very important downsides, the first being a very high price and the second one being the riskiness of the procedure. Therefore, I would strongly advise that you stay clear of the blades.

Finally, there are penis extenders, devices that apply stretching and thus, over a certain period of time, increase the size of the penis. It needs to be said that these are the youngest of the options and that they have only been around for less than two decades.

However, these devices have also shown the most pronounced efficacy which is combined with a great safety profile and a relative ease of use. These are actually quite affordable when one understands that they will only need one of these devices in order to accomplish the results.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally With Penis Stretchers

Penis extenders have been introduced in their present form in 1995, when a Danish company came out with a device that was originally developed to help men suffering from Peyronie’s disease, a condition that produces the curvature of the penis and sometimes erectile dysfunction.

As the clinical studies showed after a while, these new devices were also capable of increasing the size of the penis if used for long enough time and through further studies, it was shown that using these devices for these purposes is perfectly healthy.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally

Several independent studies by various medical authorities in Europe have shown these devices to be perfectly safe and to be very effective in increasing the size of the penis.

Over the years, of course, these devices have been improved and made better by inclusion of newer, lighter and sturdier materials that would also be more comfortable.

Some additional features have also been added, such as adjustable positioning of the device and so on, all of which have contributed to these devices becoming better and more comfortable.

These devices do require a lot of time to be put in, as well as effort, but when you consider that you are getting a bigger penis for a price of a meal in a fancier restaurant, it becomes obvious that penis stretchers are truly an incredible option to make your dick bigger naturally.

Specifically, a product called the SizeGenetics is now officially regarded as a medically proven method to increase overall penis size.

The SizeGenetics Extender is Officially Recognized by the Medical Community as a Valid Way to Enlarge the Penis!

If this one simple fact doesn’t speak volumes to you about the legitimacy of this product, then we’re not certain what will….

how to get a bigger dick naturallySizeGenetics is the most sophisticated penis enlargement device and the ONLY stretcher with 58 Way Comfort System, so every man can find best comfort option to make his dick bigger naturally. The extender is extremely durable and easy to use.

Basically, the SizeGenetics Extender straps onto your penis and automatically starts massaging and stretching your penis in a very precise manner.

This action causes the corpora cavernosa (the spongy tissue in the penis shaft) to break down and regenerate… very similar to hardcore weight training.

The extender has a very convenient feature that allows users to change the x/y forces that are exerted on the penis. Varying these forces cause the intensity to change, therefore, allowing users to set their own pace.

On a side note, the SizeGenetics Extender is not painful in any way whatsoever… in fact, it’s rather relaxing 😉

The beauty of this product is that it requires no technique… you simply strap it on and let it do its thing for a few minutes each day.

As far as safety is concerned, the SizeGenetics Extender is good for you!

It stimulates growth, corrects curvature, and allows you to achieve more powerful erections… basically the same benefits that are achieved using advanced penis exercises.

make my dick bigger naturally

The SizeGenetics Extender is undoubtedly the most effective way to make your dick bigger naturally. The extender will cost you a little more than other natural methods; however, the end result is worth its weight in gold.

Moreover, it is guaranteed to produce noticeable gains in both length and girth, or their company will give you DOUBLE your money back — just remember that the extender is medically proven to increase penis size. Therefore, odds are very high that you won’t be asking for your money back. We strongly believe that this product is your single best option to make your dick bigger naturally.

Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally – Boost Self-Confidence!

The unfortunate truth is that size does make a difference. A large penis gives you the power to truly satisfy your partner in ways a person with a smaller penis can only dream about. A big penis will increase your self-confidence and help you maintain a healthy relationship!

The intention of this page is to inform men on the best methods to increase their penis size for the purpose of increasing one’s own self confidence and to maximize sexual pleasure!

When the right products and proper techniques are used, it is possible to make your dick bigger naturally and achieve amazing increases in both length and girth.

How To Tell Your Partner About PE

How To Tell Your Partner About PE

Once you have made the decision to begin an enlargement program. You may face the tough challenge of telling your other half.

There is always the risk that she will not understand what you are doing, or the reasons you have for the decision. The question is, should you try to tell her, or is it a better option to keep this one on the quiet.

To some extent, it would depend on the type of person that you are. If you are married or engaged, the likelihood is that you are not a solitary person by nature. If this is the case, it’s only fair that you share your plans with her.

If you want, you can use this as a test of her open-mindedness and commitment to you. You should, however be careful when you are discussing this. You should try to aim the conversation so that she can accept your decision, and respect your choice.

If you are successful in telling her about your penis enlargement plans, the benefits are huge. There would be no more sneaking about, waiting for her to leave before you begin your enlargement routine, or put your penis enlargement device on.

No more need to find excuses for staying in the bathroom for over 15 minutes. It could mean the end of all the lying, and skulking around.

On the other hand, talking about penis enlargement could be very detrimental to your relationship if you have a difficult partner. If she is too embarrassed about it, or can’t accept your choice, you could be in for trouble.

How To Tell Your Partner About PE

Some people cannot accept this, and cannot understand that you are doing this for your own development. You will need to be well prepared before you get into this conversation, and have plans to counter the most likely objections.

You need to make sure that you are decided, and committed to your enlargement program before you try to convince her that this is the right decision. You need to make sure that you are well informed, and that you can well argue your case should it be necessary.

One direction that might be helpful to take is the proliferation of body modification. If women can have breast enlargements and nip/ tucks, then why can’t men enhance their penis?

Make sure that she understands you aren’t going to force this into her face, and that you aren’t going to put her into any difficult situations. Try to address her fears and objections, make sure to tell her that you understand how she is feeling, and take her objections seriously and counter them.

You may need to help her to understand the reasons that you are doing this, and that you have thought this through carefully. If you have an understanding partner, she will probably be OK with your decision.

You never know, she might be very supportive, and offer her help and advice, it is often good to get a second opinion on things.

Remember, you do not HAVE to tell your partner. The decision is yours to make, and if you think that there is no way that she will accept it, or you would rather keep it as a surprise, then go ahead. If you are in a serious relationship though, I would suggest that you are open and honest with her.

Give her the chance to support and help you through your enlargement program, you never know, she might be the motivation that you need to keep going.

Penis Enlargement- A Marathon Not A Sprint

Penis Enlargement- A Marathon Not A Sprint

In today’s world, it sometimes seems that everyone is obsessed with instant gratification. Everybody not only wants everything, they want it NOW.

People seem to have forgotten the old adage that everything comes to those who wait.

No-one remembers that you have to have patience, and give things time to come to fruition. This is especially true when it comes to anything medical or related to healthcare.

The body cannot respond instantly to demands, and it takes time to heal, or adapt to new pressures and demands.

The body can adapt to most external demands that are placed on it, but you must give it time to change, there are no miracles that can make you a different man overnight.

Although the idea of cells that we can get to grow as fast as we need them is becoming less a science fiction story and closer to reality, the human body is as yet unable to meet this challenge.

One day, we may be able to make tissues grow at will, and cause organs to regenerate in minutes, but that day is still a long way in the future. Because the body cannot react this quickly, penis enlargement is still a long process. It doesn’t matter which method or technique you are using, it is going to be a long process.

Penis Enlargement A Marathon Not A Sprint

It is going to take weeks, or months of hard work and commitment to see even the first results, and help you to see that penis enlargement is possible. This is a slow process, as you are forcing the body to grow, and you must realize that it will be a lengthy journey.

The best thing that you can have on your side during your enlargement program is patience, particularly as it is not a race or competition. Give yourself all the time that you need to get the results that you are aiming for.

Most men that fail do so because they do not have the staying power to see the program through. They will try to take short cuts to results, hamper their progress, and become disillusioned and stop.

Rushing things and trying to take a short cut will often be a big mistake. You need a good understanding of the basics before you begin to rush into the advanced programs. Not understanding what you are doing, and how it works can lead to injury, and this is almost guaranteed to lose you time in the long run.

If you do rush it, and injure your penis, this will make your results a lot slower, as you have to stop the program to heal fully before you can get back even to where you started. Not only that, but you may have to abstain from sex for a while until you are recovered ( and come up with good reasons too!)

Even if you are steady and keep to the program as advised, you will need to take rest days from your chosen penis enlargement method.

Rest days are very important, as your body cannot repair your penis, and enlarge the cells if you do not allow it time to heal. You have to let your penis heal before you go back for the next session.

We all want to see the results we have been promised as quickly as possible, but rushing in and overworking your penis will often have a negative effect. Bodybuilders know that to grow muscles in size you have to allow them time to rest. This is as true for penis enlargement, even though the penis is not a muscle.

The penis extenders programs that are likely to work for you will take this into account, and advise you to take rest days. Usually they will advise a routine such as 3 exercise days followed by 1 rest day, then 2 exercise days and 1 more rest day.

This means that you are allowing your penis time to recover, and what’s more, using this rotation means that your rest days will fall on the same days every week- perfect if Thursday nights are your poker night!

Remember though, penis enlargement is not a race, and if you want an analogy, think of it more as a marathon and not as a sprint. You will get to the finish line not by a mad dash at the beginning, but through dedication, commitment, and stamina. Once you reach the goal you are aiming for, the prize will be well worth the wait.