Best Penis Stretchers

Penis Stretchers – Proven Way To Add Extra Inches

Although men don’t like to talk about it, many of them are dissatisfied with their sexual health, whether it is about the size of the penis, erectile dysfunction or penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease).

Having a larger penis is about more than just size; its size has a considerable influence on a man’s self-confidence. This will also have a substantial effect on your social behavior, especially how you interact with your partner.

There are endless different enlargement methods available; pumps, pills, patches, oils, exercises, creams, weight hanging etc. But there is only one method that has been clinically proven to work.

I talk about penis enlarger devices. Also known as penis extenders or penis stretchers.

With the help of penis stretchers, all these problems can be a thing of the past. Such devices can solve your sexual problems without drugs, surgery, injections or pain! If you’re serious about increasing your penis size then a penis enlarger is the only way. It can add extra inches in just a few months.

Traction For Extra Length

Penis stretchers use the principle of traction which has been used in the medical world for many years. By stretching the skin and tissue the cells are forced to multiply and grow, resulting in extra length and thickness.

The human body has an innate ability to adapt to any physical impact. When a certain part of the body is exposed to gentle but constant pressure, the cells around the target areas are divided and multiplied, creating new tissue.

This is exactly how penis extenders work, constantly stretching your penile tissue, so that in a short time it can reach the desired length and girth.

Your penis is made from tissue, tubes and skin. All of these parts are designed to stretch and expand when your penis fills with blood and you get an erection.

To get a bigger penis you have to increase the amount of tissue and skin. Then it can hold more blood.

Actually, your whole body is designed to adapt and change. When your penis is stretched properly by penis stretchers the cells in the tissue start to multiply, giving you a longer and thicker penis.

This method of traction has been used to stretch skin for skin grafts, to stretch arms and legs and in certain tribes to stretch ears, lips and necks.

It is enough to put your penis into the device adjust the tension and forget about it. You can wear it whenever you want, it is easy to use, comfortable, painless, and can be worn under clothing.

Out of all the different enlargement methods out there, penis stretcher is the only one that is clinically proven to work and is backed by doctors.

Numerous studies have been done in America and Europe. In every study performed the patients gain at least half an inch in length.

Use of penis stretchers is actually the only non-operative method for male enhancement and therapy is painless and without contraindications.

If you orderly use the unit for a period of 4 to 6 months, you can increase your penis for 1 – 3 inches in length and 20% in girth.

penis stretchersBefore purchasing a stretcher unit, confirm it offers the following advantages:

  • Clinically proven success for most users
  • High level of comfort
  • Medical grade materials
  • High level of safety
  • Rational price (High-priced is not always better)
  • Money back guarantee & discreet shipping
  • Affirmative customer reviews and testimonials

There are 2 main types of enlargement devices: 1) products with the noose fixation and 2) products constructed with comfort strap technology.

noose stretcherUnits with Noose Fixation are available on outdated devices. Despite the fact that the noose-type extenders were the initial devices, they have been discovered to be unpleasant and rather hard to wear because penis may simply slip out of the unit.

This is often annoying and can also be quite dangerous because of the chance for injury.

comfort strap stretcherUnits using the ground-breaking, more sophisticated Comfort Strap Technology are, definitely, the most comfortable and most secure stretchers to use.

After many years of investigation into why men weren’t experiencing considerable results using stretcher devices, it was conclusively discovered that many men stopped using them because of the unpleasant silicon noose.

Comfort Strap Technology has improved user experience and now men are achieving the results they intended from the start.

Discover The Best Penis Extender Ever!

If you do a google search for penis extenders or penis stretchers you will see many different products ranging from $100 to $500. They all look the same and claim to do the same thing.

You should be warned that, even though you will discovery many devices marketed online, they are all different in the terms of quality and effectiveness.

After using and reviewing many different units, we found that most of them lack quality and do not offer any gains. Many of them can even hurt you and damage tissues.

Because of that, both comfort and safety are the most important qualities a stretcher should have. If it isn’t safe and comfortable, you won’t wear it long enough to experience gains.

best penis extenderImproved comfort and absolute safety is the main reason why we recommend SizeGenetics as the best extender available at the moment.

The SizeGenetics comfort system allows you to wear the extender with up to 58 various comfort setting. You can try them all out and select the one that suit you the best.

This comfort system is much more developed in comparison with the devices of the other manufacturers.

As we already said, extender devices work by stretching your penis by continuously putting tension on it. And the longer you wear the device the greater the results.

Actually, you should wear penis stretchers for 6-8 hours a day for about a half year to experience maximum gains.

The main issue problem with the low-quality devices is that they are very painful and uncomfortable to use. And if you are only able to to use it a couple of hours per week it’s not going to improve your manhood at all.

Are Penis Stretchers Safe to Use?

Absolutely! Penis stretchers are 100% safe if you use first-class, clinically tested systems.

The best way to decide on an extender is to consider a reputable, professional manufacturer and get one of their most effective devices.

safe penis extendersYou will discover many inferior, low-cost devices on websites such as Amazon and E-Bay however these products are not what you need.

Of course, you might cut the expenses but chances are good you won’t see any gains and you may be putting your penis at risk of injuries.

From our experience, it is not worth risking like that on a stretcher that’s not medically approved or clinically tested.

SizeGenetics has everything that you need to increase your penile size considerably. The 58 Way comfort system that comes with the SizeGenetics penis stretchers offer you the best comfort, so that can wear the device for longer and achieve desired results faster.